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OLQ (Officers Like Quality): Qualities to get recommended in SSB Interview

Understanding of OlQs is of paramount importance for any SSB Interview aspirant because these are the qualities SSB is looking for. In SSB interview, to check your OLQs three different techniques are used-

1. Checks OLQ by your speech. This technique is used by Interviewing Officer (IO).

2. Checks OLQ of candidates by action. This technique is used by Ground Testing Officer (GTO).

3. Checks the OLQ of candidates by analyzing the psychology of the candidate. This technique is used by Psychologists.

OLQs can be divided into 2 types- one which can be developed over time and one which cannot. Ex Stamina can be developed during training.

IO, GTO, and psychologist draw their own observations and conclusions during the whole process and meet only during the conference round to discuss each candidate. So, for example, if any candidate shows some OLQs during the PI round but missed them in the GTO round they can come to the conclusion that you were manipulating and lying to the officer. Therefore, it is advisable to show your true self and keep all three things in sync as the officers are well trained and can catch your lies easily. 













There are no defined passing marks. Your recommendation totally depends on your OLQs.

1st OLQ: Effective Intelligence

This is your capability to solve the practical problem of different kinds and you must show some practical intelligence to solve these problems. To check this, you would be asked some day-to-day situations in the SRT and Personal Interview.

Give a realistic solution that corresponds to you and your personality. It is not possible to read and then provide a complete solution to the situation in the SRT in 30 secs, thus “telegraphic language” is used. There is no rule as to how one can develop effective intelligence. This completely depends on your thinking. An example of questions and SRT which can be asked is given below.

SITUATION-You were ironing your pant when you receive a shock and noticed that the wire connecting the iron was burning too.

RESPONSE- Unplug the iron-> extinguish the fire-> repair the iron-> iron my pants.

2nd OLQ: Reasoning Ability

It is very easy to check reasoning ability. Just add “why” before all your past decisions and question yourself. Most of the questions asked would be based on the PIQ form which you yourself would have filled before the PI round.

 Example: –

1. Why do you want to become a defense officer?

2. Have you taken any coaching?

3. Why didn’t you qualify last time?

3rd OLQ: Organising Ability

It is your ability to use available resources efficiently. If you mention in your PIQ form that you have organized any kind of event in the past, a situation would be given to you and you would be asked to organize that event within the mentioned parameters. It is always beneficial to include such skills in your form. An example of a question that can be asked is given below.

Q. Your friend is visiting you in your hometown. How will you show him your city?

A. Your answer should include how will you receive them when they come, where will they stay, what places will you go, where will you eat, any specific historical/ educational/ recreational places that you will take them to, etc.

4th OLQ: Power of Expression

This OLQ is based upon your ability to express yourself clearly, accurately, and briefly. For this, your voice should be loud and clear. This is a quality that you can develop in yourself over time.

5th OLQ: Social Adjustment

This is the relationship that you share with your family members, friends, teachers, colleagues, etc. It is your ability to adjust to your surroundings. This is an OLQ that cannot be developed over time according to the officers at SSB. To check this quality, you can be asked SRT like the one given below and your action in GTO will explain things.

SITUATION- You are leaving for your SSB interview and the moment you finished packing your luggage, your mother started crying. What will you do?

ANSWER- Make your mother understand calmly and then only leave.

6th OLQ: Cooperation

Your ability to cooperate with your team is an important factor.  One should display leader-like qualities and put others before oneself. For this quality to reflect

  • you should talk in a well-meaning manner;
  • you should have a friendly nature;
  • have a helpful nature;
  • believe in a give and take behavior;
  • display team efforts.

7th OLQ: Sense of Responsibility

You should be responsible for whatever actions you perform. Develop a habit to perform each given task to you with honesty, in the given time frame, and with a sense of responsibility towards it no matter how small or big the task is. Never break any rule of law in any case. It is very important for an officer to obey rules and thus this quality will be observed in you through various tests like SRT, PI, etc. and you must be careful to not break any rule during GTO. An example of a question and SRT which can be asked is given below.

SITUATION- You were giving an exam and see your friend cheating. What will you do?

8th OLQ: Social Effectiveness

It is your ability to bring about a change in society. If you take an initiative to do something good, it displays your social effectiveness.

9th OLQ: Self Confidence

To have faith in oneself is known as self-confidence. This is a very important quality. It is directly proportional to your knowledge. To exhibit this quality, avoid using words like try, could, should, may, can and your body language must be strong and voice loud and clear.

10th OLQ: Courage

Courage is the choice and willingness to confront the risk but take the calculated risk and always ensure the safety and security of your hero in the story and situation reaction test.

11th OLQ: Speed of Decision

We all are aware of the fact that in the forces some tough decisions are to be taken under a tense and high-pressure environment. Therefore, one should have the quality to make such tough but accurate decisions in a limited time and sustain them too. An example of questions and SRT which can be asked is given below.

SITUATION- You were at the platform, leaving for your SSB interview when suddenly a lady fell down from the compartment while trying to board it. Your train has arrived too. What will you do?

12th OLQ: Ability to influence the group

This quality can be seen in you through what impact you are leaving on others. This can be through various methods such as you can have a positive impact on your group if while GTO you give some valid solution and share your knowledge in the correct way. This is also one of the important qualities that should be present in a leader so that he can lead his group in an effective manner and his subordinates respect him by heart and not for just rank.

13th OLQ: Liveliness

Whatever the situation be, you should display cheerfulness and energy as in forces one often finds oneself in some pretty tight spots and at that point, this quality comes in pretty handy. You must maintain a smile on your face though whatever the situation might be.

14th OLQ: Determination

This is your ability to keep moving forward despite any obstacle or setback. One should set a target and keep working hard towards it such as if you have decided to crack SSB, you should keep working hard and achieve your goal.

To check this quality, you will be asked questions revolving around a lion, snake, gun, knife, pistol, jungle, fire, well, water, river, thief, smugglers, and night. An example of questions and SRT which can be asked is given below.

SITUATION- 1. You were passing through a jungle in the evening when you noticed a snake passing. What will you do?

2. You were taking a bath in your bathroom and see a snake. What will you do?

15th OLQ: Stamina

This is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental efforts. It is a quality that can be developed with regular training.

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