Communication works for those who work at it.

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As an SSB aspirant, you must already be aware of the fact that the qualities checked in an SSB interviewee are OLQs (Officer Like Qualities), and based on these qualities only recommendations are made.

Surely English is not one of the stated OLQs, but some OLQs are directly dependent on English such as self-confidence, the ability to influence a group, the power of expression, etc. And in addition to that, English is the only medium of communication in SSB, thus, it becomes very important to be good at communicating in English.

Spoken English is not a skill that can be improved overnight, it is something that needs adequate time and daily practice.
Keeping the above-mentioned things in mind, we have launched a Spoken English program for SSB aspirants who are willing to work on this necessary skill and help achieve their dreams. For more information, refer to the video on your right.

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If you have any other questions than these FAQs, then feel free to Email or Whatsapp us.

How does this work?

When you enroll in our course and submit the fee, you would receive a call in the next 24 hours from our side. In this call, we would confirm the timing of your class and from the next day onwards your classes will begin.

How I can choose the time of my class?

As mentioned above, within 24 hours of enrollment, you would receive a call from our side, and the time of your class would be finalized with your consent during this call.

What if I am not satisfied, and want to change trainer?

You can contact us and your trainer would be changed, no questions asked.

What is the refund policy?

If you have not attended any classes, in that case, only the bank's transaction fee would be deducted. But if you have attended some of the classes, then the fees of those classes would also be deducted in addition to the bank's transaction fee. The refund may take 1-2 weeks’ time.

What if I want a day off?

You can inform your trainer about this well in advance, and those classes would be then be scheduled on a weekend so that they are completed on the promised time.

Will it cover only spoken English or cover SSB Interview also?

It will cover only spoken English. But if you want you can enroll in our other courses which are purely focusing on SSB Interview like mock interview or psychology test.
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Surely Spoken English is not the one OLQ, but some OLQs are directly dependent on English like self-confidence, the ability to influence the group and, the power of expression. And English is the only medium of communication in SSB, so it becomes very important to be good at speaking English.

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