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As the defense aspirant, you must be aware that three techniques are used in the SSB Interview to assess the aspirants. Personal Interview, Psychology, and Group Tasks. All three are equally important and must be given importance accordingly but Interview is the easiest one. I am saying it consciously, let me justify my point. GTO lasts almost two days and has nine tasks in it ranging from group discussion to individual obstacles. Psychology has four timebound tests that require a good amount of practice. Whereas Interview lasts somewhere between 30min to an hour and it is a one on one talk in a very friendly and relaxed environment.

We should always focus on low-hanging fruit and in SSB Interview personal Interview is that fruit. But the issue is how to check if we are preparing in the right direction or not. Now with Mock SSB Interview, candidate can schedule their online Mock SSB Interview with the Ex-Interviewing officer.

1. What is the Mock SSB Interview?

If you want to experience the SSB Interview even before facing it, then Mock SSB Interview is for you.

It’s a program where candidates can choose the date and time of the interview at their convenience and attend the interview which is very much on the line of the personal interviews at the SSB and this interview would be taken by a retired Interviewing Officer (IO).

Benefits of enrolling in this program are:-

1. Get to know the mistakes you are making.
2. You can clear all your doubts related to Personal Interview. 
3. Practice the SSB Interview.
4. Individual attention and personalized learning.


How Mock SSB Interview Works?

2. Why Enroll in Mock SSB Interview?

It’s well said, ”Efforts without direction lead us nowhere, in the same way, preparation without monitoring leads us nowhere.” Practical experience of the interview will help you build your communication skills, problem-solving skills, and confidence. So to keep track of your personal interview preparation, you can enroll in a mock interview with us.


1 Interview
3 Interview
1 Interviews + 1 psychology test


Meet your Interviewer

Learning can be fun if done under the right guidance, and CLEARSSBian learns from the rich experience of retired Services Selection Board (SSB) members.

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asked questions

If you have any other questions than these FAQs, then feel free to Email or Whatsapp us. 

1. How can we apply?

We will get back to you within 24 hours after enrollment and schedule your interview (date and time with your consent).

2. How can I choose the time of my mock interview?

As mentioned above, within 24 hours of enrollment, you will receive a confirmation call from our side, and the time of your interview would be finalized with your consent.

3. What is the refund policy?

Your fees can be refunded before attending an interview , but only after deducting the bank's transaction fees. If you have already attended the interview no refund will be made. The refund process may take 1-2 weeks to complete.

4. What will be the duration of the personal interview?

Duration is the same as the personal interview of SSB, generally around 45 mins. Soon after the interview, a counselling session is taken by the interviewer and the candidate can clear all the doubts they have in this session, it lasts about 20-30mins.

5. Will the interviewer guide us about the improvements we need to make?

Yes, he will surely tell you his views on your performance and give you tips for more improvement in the counselling session which takes place just after the interview.