Combo Pack


Combo Pack ( Personal Interview + Mock Psychology Test)

If you are serious about SSB, then the Combo Pack is for you.


Combo Pack includes 1 Mock Personal Interview and 1 Mock Psychology Test.

What you can expect in the Mock Psychology Test?

1. This Psychology Test will be evaluated by the Ex-SSB Psychologist.

2. The psychologist makes a phone call to give his feedback on the time chosen by you. Aspirant can also clear his doubts, in the same phone call.

3. Aspirants can choose the date and time of their Test.

4. This is an online test, an aspirant has to write his responses in the unruled sheet, and on completion of the test click photo, turn them in pdf, and upload, then Psychologist will check the dossier and make a call to explain the shortcomings.

What you can expect in a Mock Interview?

1. This Interview will be taken by the Ex-Interviewing Officer.

2. Interviewing officer gives his feedback as soon as the interview is over and the candidate is free to ask any questions related to the personal Interview.

3. Aspirants can choose the date and time of their Mock Interview.

4. We generally have three to four Interviewing officers in our team at any point in time and you can choose your Interviewing Officer.

5. This is an online Interview so if you ask for the recording we can make it available but only if you inform us well in advance because we never record until and unless the candidate asks for it. And Candidates can only use it for personal use and can’t upload or share it on any social media platform.


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