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Efforts without direction lead us nowhere, in the same way, preparation without monitoring does no good to us. As you probably already know as an aspirant that the Psychology test of SSB includes TAT (Thematic Appreciation Test), WAT (Word Association Test), SRT (Situation Reaction Test), and SD (Self Description). 

So, in order to keep a track of your preparation for all these tests, you can enroll in a mock psychology test series with us. The test series would include all the psychology tests that were taken in SSB and in addition to that, you can also opt for a mock interview for better preparation. 

The test would be held in online mode and be checked by an Ex-Psychologist who is experienced in this field. For more information, refer to the video on your right.

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1 Interview + 1 psychology Test

asked questions

If you have any other questions than these FAQs, then feel free to Email or Whatsapp us. 

How does it work?

When you enroll, we will get back to you within 24 hours and schedule your exam date and time according to your comfort.

How I can choose the time of my mock test?

As mentioned above, within 24 hours of enrollment, you would receive a call from our side, and the time and date of your mock test would be finalized according to your comfort.

What is the refund policy?

Before giving an exam, your fees can be refunded, but only after deducting the bank's transaction fee. But if you have already given the exam no refund will be made. The refund process may take 1-2 weeks to complete.

How do I get my result?

Within two working days, you would get your result (your checked answer sheet) by e-mail.

How will this help in my preparation?

Getting the analysis of your tests by a professional psychologist would help you to understand the kind of practice needed when appearing for the actual SSB interview and increase your chances of getting selected.
Mock psychology test of SSB interview || clear ssb

Efforts without direction lead us nowhere, in the same way, preparation without monitoring leads us nowhere. So to keep track of your preparation of the psychology test of SSB, you can enroll in mock psychology test of SSB interview. It would include all the psychology tests taken in SSB. This test would be online and will, be checked by a retd psychologist.

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