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After qualifying a defense written exam the next step is the Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview. This step is considered difficult by many defense aspirants because the preparation and SSB Interview, both are very different from conventional exams, it requires practice in a group for activities like group discussion, group planning exercise and other GTO tasks.


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It is a very common problem faced by most of the defense aspirant, especially those are from the rural area because mostly they do not have any preparation partner for this interview. In such a situation it becomes very difficult for them to master the communication skills and prepare for SSB Interview. Keeping this in mind we have come up with a solution to this problem, which is free live group discussion.

Who can take part in a live group discussion?

This initiative is purely taken to help the SSB aspirants, who are facing problems in their preparation, so anybody who is preparing for SSB Interview can take part in these live group discussions. You would be informed about the topic and timing of these live group discussion, well in advance.

Whoever will come first at the scheduled group discussion time will be given access because it is impossible to give access to all the candidates in a single group discussion, that’s why every group discussion will have a limit and this limit can be changed by us without any prior notice. Our only goal is to organize a meaningful group discussion, for this we keep the strength of group discussion as low as 25 aspirants. If any candidate creates a nuisance in the group discussion, we are free to block such aspirants.

How to know about the next group discussion’s schedule?

About the next group discussion you would be informed well in advance. If you go to the info section of the meeting you will find all important information related to group discussion. Visit page regularly to know about all discussions scheduled

How can you contribute?

This is an initiative to help defense aspirant, therefore, we are trying to give this service free of cost but as we also have limited resources and we need your help to continue this initiative. We expect some contribution which you can make so that this would continue, you can contribute in the following ways

  1. Inform everyone who is preparing for SSB Interview and need guidance, so that goal of this initiative can be achieved.
  2. This platform is not only for providing study material but it is also about providing moral help and motivate aspirants. As we know when we read and listen to successful people, we get motivated, so if anyone of you gets recommended, we have a humble request that plz write to us your experience, so that we can share with other aspirants. E-mail us on admin@clearssb.into share your experience.

How to take part?

For taking part in group discussion you simply come on this page and go to the scheduled group discussion (below) and click on the join button. You are not required to have any other App you can simply join us from the web browser. We can give access to limited aspirants so that a productive group discussion can take place, so if you come late you would not be given access and no further dialogue will take place. But we also want to help each and every candidate, so if the number of candidates will increase we will try our best to increase the number of such live group discussions.

Scheduled group discussions ( Join here)

All scheduled group discussion can be seen here.We conduct these discussion using zoom.

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